Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sexual intimacy

When people talk about being sexually intimate, they are usually talking about behavior that involves sexual behaviors of various levels, including touching, stroking and sexual intercourse.

Most professions define sexual intimacy as any kind of physical sexual behavior, or an intimate emotional relationship that may lead to sexual intimacy. The American Medical Association also refers to romantic relationship as a component of sexual intimacy.

More often than not, sexual activity is fundamental to intimate relationships across the life-course and during later years there are particular advantages to engaging in sex.

For women it is believed that orgasms help maintain muscle tone and thereby limit the chance of experiencing urinary incontinence. In Sweden, a study of 70-year-olds found that sexually active men woke less frequently during the night and sexually active women experienced less anxiety. It was also found that the participants who were sexually active had better mental health ratings, as determined by a global evaluation, than those who were not.

Sex sometimes goes hand-in-hand with emotional intimacy, but sometimes people engage in sexual behavior without any feelings of closeness and emotional connection at all.

Sexual intimacy commonly progresses with increasing romantic intimacy. Relationships in later adolescence involve shared activity and are less recreational compare to earlier relationship and are more likely to focus on relationship development.
Sexual intimacy
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