Monday, February 20, 2017

What is emotional intimacy?

Intimacy can be described as an emotional closeness, a feeling of oneness, the feeling of being truly loved and accepted or having enough trust in someone to share the deepest thoughts, feelings, or needs.

Intimacy could be defined as having feelings of security, getting moral support, feeling safe, or feeling protected.

Emotional intimacy is where two people share strong feelings of trust an emotional connection, closeness and a high level of honesty in critical areas.

Traditionally, sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy were regulated by specific male-female role patterns in pre-marital interpersonal relationship.

In general males were expected to initiate sex, while female were expected to set limits on the couples sexual intimacy based on emotional intimacy.

Partner’s lack of emotional intimacy shared top ranking with partner’s control as the major contributor to marital dissatisfaction. They described their dissatisfactions with level of intimacy in variety of ways.

They talked about ‘missing romance’, ‘the lack of togetherness in these sense of doing things together’, emotional non-support, inability to understand my feelings’, ‘problems with being intimate and sharing’, ‘lack of companionship’ and ‘lack of emotional attachment’.
What is emotional intimacy?
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