Monday, April 24, 2017

Successful marriages

A marriage is said to be successful when it is: happy and stable. The marriage must be measured as being happy by the spouses and characterized by stability; that is, it must not be dissolved by divorce, annulment or separation. In its recognition, a successful marriage is achieved mainly through the active participation of the man (husband) and wife.
It asserts that successful marriage can be viewed as life-long union which requires the bedrock that has the identity known as true love. Eleven factors have been found to be related to successful marriage.
*Preparation for marriage
*Happy Parental Background
*Older, extended, progressive dating
*Mature premarital sexual behavior
*Mature age
*Mature love
*Length of engagement
*Higher socio-economic status
*Mature religious devoutness
*Early adjustment

One of the saddest reasons a marriage does is that neither spouse recognizes its value until it is too late. Only after the papers have been signed, the furniture divided, and separate apartments rented do the execs realize how much they really gave up when they gave up on each other.
Successful marriages
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