Friday, October 06, 2017

What is cognatic love?

Love as a symbolic construct in American society, is a heterogeneous notion that mediates between the order of nature and the order of law by linking conjugal and cognatic love.

The cultural structures of cognatic and conjugal love have similarities. In both cases there is a voluntary and involuntary element. Still, it is true that cognatic love there is an element of substance - blood – and in conjugal love this element is absent.
Cognatic love is not an act but a state of affairs and marks the blood relationship, the identity of natural substance which obtains between parent and child.

The conjugal love of husband and wife is the opposite of the cognatic love of parent, child and sibling. One is the union of opposites, the other the unity which identities have the sharing of biogenetic substance.  
What is cognatic love?
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