Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sex addiction

Addiction is a term traditionally associated with compulsive and out–of-control use of alcohol or drugs. The term, however, has grown in popularity in the past decade and is now being used to diagnose and describe other compulsive behavior such as gambling, overeating and sex, when these behaviors are also out do control.

The American Association for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) had adopted a new definition of addiction in, line with the latest brain studies, stating that ‘Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward motivation, memory and related circuitry’.

Compulsive is the loss of the ability to choose whether or not to stop or continue a particular behavior.

When sexual behavior is compulsive and yet continues despite adverse consequences, it is called sex addiction.

Sex addiction is described by many names, in additional to sex addiction, it is called problematic sexual behavior, compulsive sexual behavior, sexual compulsivity, hypersexual behavioral disorder or hypersexual disorder. Sex addiction can be defined in a number of ways. A basic definition that sex addition is an intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive thoughts or actions.
Sex addiction
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