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Wedding rings in modern culture

The term ‘wedding ring’ is commonly used to describe the rings given by either or both the bride and groom during marital ceremony. Wedding ring is meant to be worn for lifetime, so men prefer comfort while choosing their diamond wedding ring. They give comfort more preference than style and design; generally, wedding rings for men are simpler than women’s rings, though there are still a wide variety of styles available to match different individual preferences.

In ancient cultures it was believed that the third finger of the left hand, had a special vein called vena amoris, the vein of "love," that ran from the "ring finger" finger directly to the heart. It was King Edward VI of England who decreed that the third finger of the left hand be designated as the "official" ring finger.

In the United States, engagement and wedding rings are used to denote status, with the engagement ring seen as a promise of marriage and a wedding ring worn to indicate a formal (and usually legal) alliance with another person. This is a famous western culture that has been adapted in most western society.

The modern custom of a metal wedding ring seems to have originated with the Romans. They fashioned the rings of iron which made them inexpensive and therefore quite common. The Roman men used wedding bands as a sign of ownership of their wives, "claiming" their woman with the giving of a ring.

The most popular men’s wedding ring are plain metal bands, with an element of design one can chose a ring with a subtle design like migraine or a masculine braid, which features a braid design with a round and soft edge for comfort. It is well said that a groom only wears a wedding ring to make his marriage a public statement, and wear it because he feels it’s his duty to wear since he is married and committed.
Wedding rings in modern culture
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