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Valentine’s day

On February 14, many people send these special messages called valentines. On this day people around the world show their friendship and love for those around them by celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The Roman emperor Claudius II helped to start a modern Valentine’s Day tradition. Claudius passed a law that made marriage illegal in 270 AD.

One of early bishop, Valentine thought this law was wrong, so he married people in secret.

Because he broke the law, later he was put in jail. There he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. The girl was blind , but Valentine did a miracle to make her see again.

Valentine was killed. But before he died, he sent the girl a note. He signed it, ‘From Your Valentine.’ Valentine died in February 14.

For many years, Valentine’s Day celebrated only in Rome. Then Roman government sent its armies to other countries and the soldiers continued to celebrate their Roman holidays while they were fighting.

Cultures around world celebrate this holiday in different ways. But all Valentine’s Day custom honor friendship and love. People give other valentines on Valentine’s day. A valentine can be a box of chocolates. It can be a gift of flowers.
Valentine’s day

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