Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Physical intimacy

The term ‘intimacy’ from Latin intimus, ‘most inner’ refers both to what is closely held and personal and to what is deeply shared with others. Intimacy designates the sphere of the most, of the private, also the realm of cherished connection and association.

Physical intimacy is informal proximity and/or touching, usually between two person, where their positioning and /or touching is an expression or result of intimate feelings, such as close friendship, love and/or sexual attraction, which they have for each other.

Physical intimacy is easy. It begins with a handshake, a smile, or a kiss on the cheek. Psychologists generally agree that as humans they need – not just want - physical touch. Nonsexual touch is extremely important.

This is especially true in a marriage. A couple who regularly touches one another by holding hands, hugging, kissing and giving an occasional pat on the back has mastered this much needed nonsexual physical intimacy.

But physical intimacy can also be easily manipulated. Good politicians know this as well as anyone they spend their lives shaking hands and kissing babies, because they know that even the slightest of physical intimacies creates a feeling of closeness and belonging.
Physical intimacy 

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