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Udry’s filter model of mate selection: propinquity

One of the filters of Udry’s model is propinquity, reflects the truth that individuals are become involved in someone who lives nearby.

Although the ideal partner may be living in Outer Mongolia, there is little chance that the individuals will ever meet this person much less fall in love. Distance therefore provides a sifting process.

By definition propinquity is nearness; the tendency to select mates form persons who live nearby. Propinquity is still a major factor in mate selection, although it might have weakened somewhat because of increased availability of rapid transportation, telecommunication, e-mail and the increased tendency to commute to work and school.
Mate selection

James Brossard in 1932 used the addresses found on 5,000 consecutive Philadelphia marriage licenses to determine that one-sixth of the couples lived within a block of one another, one-third lived within five blocks, and 51.9% lived within twenty blocks of each other.

Research has found various types of propinquity, including industry/occupational propinquity, in which similar people working in the same industry or company tend to be attracted to one another.
There’s also residential propinquity, in which people living in the same area or within the same neighborhood tend to come together.

Finally, acquaintance propinquity is a form of propinquity in which friends develop a special bond of interpersonal attraction based on shared beliefs and attitudes.
Udry’s filter model of mate selection: propinquity

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